Velocity Voice includes a browser based softphone that can be launched with a single click that allows you to make and receive calls from your extension number using nothing more than a web browser, allowing you to work from anywhere.

A microphone is required for this to operate properly.

    1.) Log in to the Portal.

    2.) Navigate to the WebPhone option from the menu system.

    3.)  Select the extension that you would like to configure your browser phone for and click Launch. 

NOTE: By default, only your administrator account has access to this feature. If you would like to give your users access to this feature and the ability to only launch the browser softphone with their extension number, please contact support for assistance.

    4.) The browser based soft phone will launch in a pop up window. You can now begin placing and receiving calls from your extension number. The browser based softphone includes functionality for hold, transfer, and mute. 

When you are finished using the Web Phone, simply close the window.